Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics
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Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics


ÉTS exposition

This is l'ÉTS

ÉTS mean École de Technologie Supérieure. It is located in Montreal. This is a University for engineer.

All images in this gallery are 640 x 480 between 58Ko to 63Ko in size. 

The really complexe machine ( see below ) was design in two years by a physics teacher. Is goal was to show what you can do by combining physics element ( vapor, electromagnetic, mechanic, electric ,etc. ) to bring you a complete and functionnal machine. The goal of the machine was to blow out a candle. Everything started out by the vapor power rocket that turn around in circle to activate a switch to release two ball that roll down a track that switch on water pumps that activate a rope and...... and finally, it blow out the candle with this vortex canon. Really COOL but it didn't make the entire action in one shot. It miss about 4 on more than 150 physics principle. About 2 or 3 were human fault. Really stupid fault  He He He.

Dsc00828.jpg (61114 octets) Dsc00829.jpg (62281 octets) Dsc00832.jpg (61154 octets) Dsc00833.jpg (60662 octets)
Bobsleigh made of concrete Robotic arm
Dsc00834.jpg (61218 octets) Dsc00835.jpg (64328 octets) Dsc00837.jpg (61034 octets) Dsc00839.jpg (62218 octets)
Solar power car This is a really complexe machine  with more than 150 physics rules. Fun to watch
Dsc00840.jpg (61260 octets) Dsc00841.jpg (61794 octets) Dsc00842.jpg (63357 octets) Dsc00844.jpg (60964 octets)
The candle in the parabola. Two track for the ball This is a vapor power rocket that turn around the poll and activate a switch. Electromagentic ring thrower.
Dsc00845.jpg (61161 octets) Dsc00846.jpg (58695 octets) Dsc00862.jpg (61527 octets) Dsc00863.jpg (61303 octets)
One man submarine power by human force ( pedaling )
Dsc00864.jpg (62856 octets) Dsc00866.jpg (60209 octets) Dsc00847.jpg (60570 octets) Dsc00848.jpg (62119 octets)
Mini solar car
Dsc00850.jpg (62160 octets) Dsc00849.jpg (63014 octets) Dsc00868.jpg (58952 octets) Dsc00869.jpg (62972 octets)
This NOT the vortex canon
Dsc00870.jpg (63941 octets) Dsc00871.jpg (59743 octets) It is painted on the truck It is painted on the truck
The glass ball is supose to float in the air. It is presently floating... This is a new tank... Put your mouse over the picture for 2 second.
Dsc00874.jpg (62611 octets) Dsc00856.jpg (62286 octets)
Montreal ETS



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