Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics
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Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics




Here is the page you are looking for. The BEST tutorials on the net.

Here is a great collection of step by step instructions for FREE.

Put your mouse over the number beside the category.

Robot tutorial ( How to... ) ( 6 ) Non robot tutorial ( gizmo ) ( 4 )
How to build robot. Step by step instructions. Here are some cool prank and interesting gadget.
Toy modification ( hacking ) ( 3 ) Free form ( 1 )
Here you can find some ingenious toys modification. Here are some free form to build compact circuit and no time.
Tips,  tricks and ideas ( 3 ) Dissection
Over here are some tips on building robots to some of my ideas on robotics creation.



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