Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics
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Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics




Here is the page you are looking for. The BEST tutorials on the net.

Here is a great collection of step by step instructions for FREE.

Before starting, I suggest you to read the complete tutorials. This will greatly lower the chances of you making a mistake.

This page has some of the coolest robot around. Step by step instructions with quality pictures and drawings.

Have fun.




The Beetle robot

 Mvc-302f.jpg (196922 octets)

I have decide to build a entire web site dedicated to my Beetle robot.

This robot is really easy and fun to build. This tutorial is for beginner and event expert.

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One motor walker

one22.jpg (18410 octets)


 The one motor walker was design by me. 
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Light seeking Head

Dsc00993.jpg (60762 octets)


In construction    


The symet is a clever one motor robot . A symet is a Symetrical robot. 

It travels by slidding on two of the capacitor edges and the motor drive wheel until it meets an obstacle. Pushing on the paper clip ring results in the Symet kicking onto one of the other two sides and going off in a new direction. 
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 Servo modification     

servo02.jpg (16076 octets)

 In this page you are going to learn how to modify a servo motor for a total rotation. This is great if you want to build mobile robot using servo motors.
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 Water proof a motor 

Here you are going to  water proof a motor, so you can build a hydrobot or any kind of aquatic robot.
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 Flag waver 


Tutorial finish but not on the web site
 Wall hugging mouse 


Tutorial finish but not on the web site


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