Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics
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Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics


Great links

Here are some great links about BEAM robots and other interesting stuff.

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BEAM robotics ( 5 ) Mechanics ( 0 ) Education ( 0 ) Organizations ( 0 )
NON-BEAM robotics ( 0 ) Electronics ( 0 ) Toys ( 1 ) Ressources ( 0 )
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BEAM robotics :

"Insectroïdes" version 1  my old version

Frankendaddy''s Vault of Robotic Horrors
Lotsa things and other weirdness from the Frankenmeister

Microcosm Fragments of a other world.

Lee's robo gallery A photo gallery for my robots. Some are built from scratch, some from kits -- some are collectible toys.

BEAM links many, many links of robots and other interesting gizmo.


NON-BEAM robotics :



Science and technology :



Mechanics :



Electronics :



Companies : the BEAM robotics store.


Education :



Toys :
CybotBuilder is a community web resource for Cybot developers and robot enthusiasts . Join us now!



Webmaster :

Free Search Engine at  FreeFind really nice and easy to use. is a excellent and great place to find javascript fast. is a other place to find javascript. Update daily with new script. is a SUPER GREAT  site dedicated to FLASH from Macromedia. You can download games, scripts, music, fonts, images, tutorials, and much much more. You have to check it out.


Organizations :



Ressources : a lot of great stuff on BEAM. A must visit web site.



Others :

YOYO web site:

YOperation.COM official Québec yo-yo club.

Ken's World on a String A Yo-Yo page with illustrations, tricks, videos, links, tips, FAQ.

Sector Y A GREAT Yo-Yo web site  with  awsome illustrations, advanced and master tricks, plenty of videos, links.

The Glass lab 


Yo-Yo Videos

Yo-Yo Craft



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