Insectro´des based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics
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Insectro´des based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics



My science fair

Hello,  you probably wonder were the name of the web site come from? 

It is simple, the original name come from android. An android is a human like robot. But in my case it is a insectoide( I don't even know if the word insectoide really exist???) The problem is that I don't like the pronunciation of insectoide so I add a r in the word. So now it is Insectro´des

Insectro´des is also the name of my science fair project. In that science fair project I talk about BEAM robots and say that the are cheap easy to build and educational. THe main idea waws to use recycle parts. I build a lot of robots. I add 6 robots on little shelf, that was attach to my stand. I add the miniball, beetle robot, two motor walker and the one motor walker. In the middle I add two solar power robot, a symet and a photovore. I gave a small description on each robot. I also add a schematic  and description of were a got the recycle parts. 

With that project I won a lot of prices. I won two time the price of the public ( people who visit the science fair vote for the best project), the Petro-Canada Peer Prize for Innovation, a got a silver medal in engineering and much more. I went to the regional science fair, the provincial science fair , the Canada wide science fair in London Ontario. I went to the International Science 2001 fair in Grenoble, France with this project.

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This is my Jurassic Park where I make demonstration of my





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