Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics
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Insectroïdes based on the philosophy of BEAM robotics

 ME and my science fair project talking about BEAM robotics  The new version of "Insectroïdes"
Welcome to the world of BEAM robotics. This web site is dedicated to my 2000 science fair project called "Insectroïdes". 
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Last updated: Monday, July 22, 2002


First, I would like to thank all the people who send me comments, questions, ideas, etc to me via the feedback form. I have receive many, many e-mail asking questions on robots. I don't respond to all e-mail but I read all of them. 

Please don't be disappointed if I did answer your e-mail.

I will, one day respond to your e-mail. I am making a FAQ and you could find answer from your e-mail and other people question.

Remenber my dream robot, call vBug? I have just finish the mechanic, it is heavy. I am now working on the electronic.

I have build a robot snake like Mark tilden gPim.

I made some SMT bicore PCB and I will post a tutorial on how to make photosensible and non- photosensible PCB.

Don't forget to check this web site, it is pretty cool

I am really busy this summer because I am with my cousin from France ( First time in Canada )

Have a great summer!

Jérôme Demers


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